3rd Hungarian Quidditch Cup

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We gladly announce the return of the Hungarian Quidditch Cup @ MondoCon 2018 Summer, 14 July (Saturday), starting at 1 p.m at ConArena. Of course it’s Muggle-style for we haven’t any flying broomsticks – yet.
The number of matches played will be determined by how many teams have signed up, so don’t be shy, just apply!
If you want to participate and you’re a team of exactly seven, like the Weasley kids, then don’t hesitate, send an e-mail to dragda@gmail.com with the subject ‘2018 Summer Quidditch’.
Attention! We are looking for teams of 7. If you have the will to play but are short of team members, why not try recruiting some people on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1859700654055198/

We accept applications until midnight 12 July. You will recieve a confirmation e-mail with more details after signing up.

Get on your brooms!