About AdarnaKo Karaoke

Hello to all fellow music lovers out there. We are AdarnaKo Karaoke, a small group of people who enjoy good music of all sorts. We love to share the joy of singing anime openings and endings with everyone at Mondocon and that is why we organize the karaoke events.

Casual Karaoke

We invite you to our small stage where you can sing your favourite songs. All you need to do is choose a song from the list provided in the karaoke room (http://www.mondocon.hu/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/hagyomanyoskaraokelista.pdf), sign up at the front counter and wait for your turn to be called up to the stage. We use Karafun as the karaoke engine and have a list of over 4000 songs from anime openings and endings, character songs, Kpop, Jrock, Disney songs, non-Asian (we just refer to them as ‘Western’ songs) and Hungarian pop and rock music. You’ll have a small screen to support you with the lyrics on stage and a friendly audience to enjoy your performance so no need to get nervous, just sing to your heart’s content. Please note that as it’s a “first come first served” program, there might be some waiting time before you can head on to the stage. If you’re unsure how long until you’re next, feel free to ask our staff at the counter.

For more info, requesting a song or just some friendly chatting, send us an email to karaoke@adarnako.hu or shoot a message on our Facebook page: