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Cosplay guest of honor: Liechee Cosplay

I am a Cosplayer from Germany and created over 70 Cosplays in the last 14 years. I got my first sewing machine when I turned 14 and taught myself sewing and crafting. I especially love cosplaying princesses, but I also enjoy cosplaying something completely different to that, like villains. And that is one of the many beautiful things about Cosplay: there are no limits. You can choose whatever character you like and it’s always a new challenge.
I studied film making and my other big passion is singing. I love to combine these with Cosplay and create videos like parodies, sketches and tutorials.
I got the chance to visit many conventions in the past years and hold workshops or judge Cosplay competitions.

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Cosplay guest of honor: Elyon Cosplay

Most of you probably knew Elyon from one of her Disney princess cosplays: Elsa, the Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Rapunzel. Of course she does a lot more, than cosplaying disney princesses. She won a dozen cosplay awards in the last five years. One of her latest masterpieces was Sisi (Empress Elisabeth): she won awards at Hanami and at CosplayGen with this historical cosplay.

Elyon is a professional costume designer. She is from Hungary but she moved to Germany with her husband 5 years ago. They often do couple-cosplays as well.

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Cosplay guest of honor: Danny McFly Cosplay

” Danny McFly is an award-winning cosplayer known for his armor builds, muscle suits, YouTube tutorials, and SFX makeup. In the past decade, he has created over 50 highly detailed costumes. Danny has earned many awards, judged for several of the world’s biggest cosplay contests, and worked professionally alongside companies such as Blizzard and Universal Pictures. When he’s not working on costumes, he spends his time helping new cosplayers and spreading positivity and love within the community ”

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