You can apply if:

  • You can only apply to the qualifier if you are a Hungarian citizen or you have a permanent residence in the country. (If none if this applies to you but you are still interested, please contact the cosplay organizer <>.
  • You can only apply with a costume made by you
    • Shoes, wig and underwear of course can be bought, if these need modifications that needs to be done by your own hands.
    • You can ask others for ideas but it all needs to be done by you.
    • The judges will ask questions regarding the creation of the costume, if it is made by you but you cannot explain how, the judges have the right to disqualify you from the competition.
  • You can only apply with official illustrations of officially published characters (manga, anime, film, video game, book cover, etc.).

You can NOT apply if: 

  • If you already competed in another qualifier held by a different convention (examp: Viecc) for Cosplay Central, you cannot apply to the qualifier held by Mondocon.
  • You cannot participate in the finals with a cosplay you already participated in another international cosplay competition with.
  • If you are not 18 years old until the finals in Chicago (US) held by C2E2.
  • If you partook in the organization of the convention holding the qualifier in the last 1 year.
  • The size of the costume cannot be larger than 2,5 meter in any direction and you must be able to walk in it safely. You will need to be able to go up a couple steps to the stage and back safely, for this you can ask for minimal help.

General rules

  • The craftsmanship competition mainly observes the construction of the costume and the similarity to the character.
  • You will need to provide detailed reference images of the character you are cosplaying.
  • For the finals you will need to assemble a paper based booklet (no external storage devices)  with work in progress pictures of your cosplay.
  • You cannot change your costume for the finals, if you are not able to bring the one you qualified with you need to get the new one approved by the C2E2 organizers.
  • You don’t have to choreograph your stage performance on your own, you can ask for help.
  • You don’t have to craft your stage props, you can buy/commission them, these are not part of the judging, you won’t get points for them.
    • The props need to be easy to move and place (cannot be heavy).
    • They cannot be larger than 2 meters in any direction.
  • Your total score is:
    • Similarity, design: 25%
    • Execution: 60%
    • Stage performance: 15%
  • We can only accept 5 entries for the competition, don’t leave the application to the last minute.
  • You can only participate in one cosplay competition on one day. If the regular craftsmanship is on the same day as the Crown Championship, you have to choose.

Stage rules

  • You have 60-120 seconds for your stage performance.
  • Prohibited:
    • No open flame (fireworks, sparkler)
    • No pyrotechnic machines (smoke machine)
    • Cannot bring liquids on stage
    • Cannot throw dust/glitterÍ/confetti/anything that can take a lot of time to clean up
    • Cannot bring real guns, firearm, knives, swords and any sharp weapons in the convention place.
    • Don’t throw objects off the stage.
    • No costume or performance that are age restricted by law, hateful to people or social groups.
  • Disqualification if:
    • don’t arrive until the time stated in the “Check-in/ get-in” paragraph.
    • spend more time on stage than it is allowed (max 2 mins).
    • broke the rules stated above.
    • cannot move in your costume safely.
    • applied with a cosplay not made by you.
    • are not ready in time for the prejudging. 

Place and date of application

  • You can apply to the competition on the website. The registration closes two weeks before the event (2022. december 30. 23:59), after that the application cannot be altered. After this, you can only correct your files if the organizers ask you to by email (in case of wrong format, size).
  • It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, so if something is needed to be corrected, you will have time for that!
  • We check the uploaded files, but the organizers won’t take responsibility for faulty editing and bad quality.
  • In case we find a technical issue in the uploaded files before the end of the registration period, we will contact you via email. If you don’t answer or we don’t receive the fixed version in a week, your application will be rejected.

Check-in/ Get-in

  • Competitors need to provide their own tickets.
  • Look for the MondoCon staff at the gates from 9 am. You can find them near the VIP line under the “Cosplay Gyülekező” flag.
AdmissionArrival to the changing rooms at the latest:Pre-judging Deadline to arrive to the stage
from 9:0010:15 (You will need to check in with the cosplay staff)10:00-12:0014:45
  • If you are not able to participate in the event but applied to the competition, please notify the organizers in the registration system or email at <> by the end of the registration period (2022. december 30. 23:59)
  • If you want to renounce your application to the cosplay competition, please notify the organizers even if the deadline ended! (Before the day of the event: <>, on the day: if you speak hungarian: +3620/3464619, and for english: +3670/4575448)
  • If you don’t attend the competition without notifying us in any channel, or don’t provide a good explanation for renouncing your application after the registration deadline has ended, you will be excluded from future competitions. For 3 missed attendance without notification or explanation you will be excluded for 1 year.
  • In case you cannot make it in time for one of the checkpoints due to unforeseeable circumstances, please notify the organizers in person or via phone (hun: +3620/3464619 eng:+3670/4575448), they will decide to let you compete.

Requested data and files

Information we need

  • Real (civil) name
  • E-mail address (regularly watched and reliable)
  • Character name and source (anime / game / series / other name) 
  • You can provide your nickname and in the comments box you can request it to be used at the announcements instead of your civil name.

Naming of your files

  • Name your files based on your name and those additional information which will be explained at the specific paragraph.
  • The file name should not contain accents, capital letters and special characters. Instead of a space, use underscore. (Eg .: Peter Parker -> peter_parker)


  • One reference image of the character must be uploaded. This will be projected on stage as a background image.
    • This image has to be colorful and it must show the full image of the character. 
    • It has to be a horizontal picture with 16:9 aspect ratio.
    • Minimum resolution should be 1280×720, but up to 2 MB.
    • Please don’t upload watermarked images.
    • Please don’t upload pixelated images
  • You can upload additional reference images for the judges. It is advised to choose these images to show even more detail of your character. 
  • The names of the image files need to contain your real name (Eg .: peter_parker_stage.png)


  • You will need a music to your performance which we can play while you are on stage. 
  • Whatever you wish to play on stage, you need to edit it in the music because we cannot stop it for you.
  • The file length cannot be longer than the length of the performance. (max 120 sec)
  • You don’t have to fill all the given time if you planned a shorter performance. Based on our experience, a shorter show can be just as impressive.
  • It is mandatory to write the length of the music in the file name. (Eg .: 60-second music -> peter_parker_00_60.mp3).
  • Make sure the name matches the length of the music or it won’t be accepted.

Comments box

  • Extra requests can be written here (eg .: stage props placements, if help needed) 
  • Please provide how long it will take for you to be ready for the prejudging in the morning.
  • Please provide the time you need to place your props and decoration on stage, or just to take your place on stage. We won’t be able to add more time at the convention.
    • Props/decoration:
      • Please provide a list of props and items you will put on the stage
      • If you need help with this
      • The time you will need, but putting everything on stage can only take maximum 30 seconds! (you can ask the staff for help placing the props or you can bring a helper who will do it for you. In case you bring a helper, you need to provide us with the name of the person.
    • After you took your place on the stage, we need a sign from you (nod, wave, etc.) to start the intro video.
  • Light requests
    • Types:
      • solid color (RGB color scheme), 
      • flickering
      • small spotlights (random movements)
      • multicolored (eg fire effect)
      • brightness level (bright, semidarkness)
    • We cannot provide you with one big spotlight following you!
    • Pro tip: less is more. With strong colors (red, flickering) the photographers cannot take as good photos of you. The colors can ruin the focus. It can help to request the color only in a 50% strength.
  • We will try to fulfill the requests within reasonable limits, but we reserve the right to change.
  • It can be very useful to prepare with a (visual) explanation of your prop placement to help the staff put everything in the correct spot.
  • If you scattered something on stage (example: broke a prop and the pieces are left on stage), alert us, especially if you need help collecting it.
  • Dresser/helper:
  • You may bring only one person to help you get dressed/or place your props on stage.
  • The dresser must have a valid ticket, otherwise we cannot let them in.
  • If you wish to bring a dresser/helper, let us know in advance and do not forget to send us their civilian name, otherwise we cannot let them in the changing room!
  • Dressers are allowed to accompany you only, when you have a very complicated costume, we have the right to refuse this requirement if it is not warranted.

The Competition


  • First the competitors will take part in the prejudging with the jury. 
  • Every competitor must show up at the prejudging, if you do not appear, you cannot participate in the competition. 
  • Collect your thoughts before entering the judge’s room, the jury is mostly interested in the techniques you used to create your costume. Be prepared for questions!
  • You will have 5 minutes to explain how you created your costume.
  • Since the jury members are experienced cosplayers, we recommend you to draw attention to the special details of your cosplay.
  • You will need to present a booklet on how you created your cosplay, it can include pictures, descriptions, step-by-step explanations. You will need this at the finals too, please collect it before you leave the event (at latest we will give it back at the announcement of the winners).
  • Then comes the part when you will show your costume on stage. 

Stage performance

  • You will need to check in with the helpers at the stage 15 mins before the competition!
  • On the stage the contestants will perform in an order, which they received in advance, but this may change on the day of the event. The staff members will tell you when it’s your turn. 
  • After the hosts announced you, the technicians will start a 5-10 seconds long puffer video. 
  • You may go up on stage during this time (you can also start from the stage), when the puffer video is over, your music, what you uploaded, will start and the reference image appears. 
  • If you need more time, than 10 seconds to get on the stage, please let us know in the comment section of the application form. 


The winners will be announced on stage during the awards ceremony.

For the winner the flight, accommodation and ticket to the C2E2 in Chicago will be provided by Mondocon.

The finals of the Central Cosplay Crown Championship will be held in Chicago on  C2E2 at 2023 03.31.-04.02.

The winner will also receive voucher for a photo studio, you need to bring your photographer but the studio is on us!

Good luck!