Cosplay Craftsmanship

  • The craftsmanship competition mainly observes the construction of the costume and the similarity to the character.
  • It is not possible to apply with a costume what is not made by you.
  • You can get help from others in parts of the costumes or in making accessories, but you have to inform the jury about it.
  • In groups, (maximum 5 person) team members can jointly prepare their costumes, but their costumes can’t be made by a person who is not a member of the team.
  • You can’t apply again with a costume, which you already competed with in any event we organize.
  • You can only apply with official illustrations of officially published characters (manga, anime, film, video game, book cover, etc.) or internationally recognized fanarts of these official characters. A self-designed fanart or a character design without any official source is not allowed.
  • The competition has a maximum up to 30 individual and 5 group (up to 5 person / group) applications.

You can apply as an individual or as a group.

  • The minimum age to apply to the competition is 14 years.
  • Stage Time
    • Individual: 30-60 seconds
    • Group: 60-120 seconds
  • If you drop anything on the stage during your performance, pick it up at the end!


  • Using fire or pyrotechnic device (eg.:sparkler, smoke machine)
  • Using liquids on stage 
    • Scattering small objects or dust on the stage (eg.: glitter, confetti)
    • Bringing firearms and/or real stabbing/cutting weapon to the event
    • Throwing anything off the stage
    • Each performance which would be considered age-restricted in accordance with the laws in force
  • You get disqualified from the competition if,
    • you don’t show up at the check-in points in time, listed under the “Check-in” part. 
    • you spend more time on the stage than allowed (individuals: 30-60 seconds, groups: 60-120 seconds)
    • you are not following the rules
    • you can’t move in your costume safely on stage, including the getting on and off from the stage. 
    • you apply with a costume that isn’t made by you
  • We check the files which were submitted during registration, but the organizers are not liable for a defective or poorly edited content.
  • If there is any technical error in the submitted files, we will ask for corrections via email. If the corrected version is not sent in within a week from the warning, the application will be considered invalid.

Place and date of application

  • You can apply to the competition on the website. The registration closes one week before the event (16th May 2021, 23:59), after that the application cannot be altered. After the applications are closed you can only send in corrections if the organizers ask you via email. 
  •  It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, because if something needs to be corrected, you will have the time for that!
  • If you apply as a group, only one member of your team need to register. But that person have to list the names of the team members and their email addresses in the “Team members” section.

Check-in / get-in

  • You need to provide your own tickets..
  • Look for the MondoCon staff members  at the gates! They will help you to get your ticket – if you don’t have it yet- and to get into the convention site faster. (You can find them near the VIP line under a “cosplay” titled flag after the opening of the gates at 09:00)
Gates openDeadline to check in by the changing roomsPrejudgingDeadline to arrive to the stage
  • If you can’t attend the event, but you registered, please inform the organizers through the registration system or via email at <> no later than the closing date for the registration! (16th May 2020, 23:59)
  • If you withdraw from the competition, please still inform us even after this date. Till the day of the convention via this email address <> or on the day of the convention on this phone number: +3620/5384100
  • If you don’t attend the competition and you don’t inform the organizers about your absence, the organizers may decide to exclude you from these competitions. Exclusion from the competitions happens after three skipped and not withdrawn contests and is due for a year. 
  • If there are circumstances beyond your control that makes you late from the competition, or from showing up at any check-in location, but you inform the organisers about it on the phone number below or at the convention site personally, they will decide if you can still compete or not. 
    Phone: +3620/5384100

Requested data and files

Information we need

  • Real (civil) name
  • Email address (regularly watched and reliable)
  • Character name and source (anime / game / series / other name)
  •  If it is a fanart, we need the character’s name, the official source (anime/game/series) and the name of the artist with a link to their page (e.g.: Ariel – The Little Mermaid – Hannah Alexander artwork –
  • If you are applying as an individual, you can give us a nickname. You can ask in the “Comments” section if you want us to announce you with this name.

Naming your files

  • Name your files based on your name or your group’s name. We would also need the information in the filenames part that we provide under the different file types. 
  • The file name should not contain accents, capital letters and special characters. Instead of a space, use underscore.
    (e.g .: Peter Wade -> peter_wade_stage.png)


  • One stage image of the character must be uploaded. This will be projected as a background image during your performance and will also serve as a basic reference of your character.

For a stage picture these parameters are important:

  • Choose a horizontal picture, with the aspect ratio of 16:9
    • Minimum resolution should be 1280×720, but up to the maximum of 2 MB file size.
    • Don’t upload a picture with a watermark
    • Don’t upload a picture on what the pixels are visible
    • You can also upload more reference pictures. These will only be seen by the jury. It is worth to choose images where the details of the character are clearly visible.
    • The name of the pictures have to be based on your civil name.
      (e.g .: Peter Wade -> peter_wade_stage.png)


  • Whatever you wish to play during your performance please edit it, because we cannot stop it for you.
  • The file length cannot be longer than the length of the performance. (Individual craftsmanship music minimum 30, maximum 60 seconds, group craftsmanship minimum 60, maximum 120 seconds)
  • You don’t have to fill in all the given time.  Sometimes a shorter show can be more impressive.
  • It is mandatory to write the length of the music in the file name.
    (e.g .: 40-second music -> kovacs_bela_00_40.mp3)
    Always check if the name fits the real length of the music. If it’s not the same, we can’t accept the file. 

Comments section

  • You can list your extra requests here
    (e.g .: preparing the stage, helping with your props etc.)
  • If you need preparation time for your performance make sure to list it here, because at the stage we can’t accept your request.
    • If you need preparation time write us,
      • the list of the items you wish to put on stage
      • if you need any help in the packing
      • how much time would it take
      • The preparation can’t take longer than 30 minutes! You can ask our staff but you can also bring your own helper. If you bring someone it is mandatory to send their civil name to us.
    • When you are ready it is important to give us a sign (e.g.: a nod or a wave) so we can start the puffer video.
  • Lighting requests:
    • Possibilities:
      • Colorful lights
      • Flashes, flickering lights
      • Sweeping lights
      • Combination of colors (e.g.: fire effect)
      • Brightness (e.g.: dusk effect)
    • We can’t make spotlights nor can follow one person with the lights.
    • Tip: Less is sometimes more. With strong lights (e.g.:red) the photographers have a hard time to make good pictures of you, because it’s harder to get you in the focus. It is recommended to ask for the color with only 50% brightness. 
    • We try to fulfill the request as best as we can but we reserve the right of change.
  • It’s worth to make a small description of your performance or a stage map so our staff can prepare with packing and cleaning time.
  • If you drop something during your performance (stage props), tell us before. Especially if you need help to collect it. 
  •  Dresser:
    • You can only bring one person.
    • The dresser must have a valid ticket.
    • If you wish to bring a dresser, let us know in advance and don’t forget to send us their civilian name, otherwise we cannot let them in the changing room!
    • Dressers are allowed to accompany you only if your costume is very complicated. We will decide if your request is valid or not based on your reference image. We have the right to refuse this request if we find that a dresser is not necessary for your costume.

The competition

Prejudging (10:00-12:00)

  • First you will take part in the prejudging in front of the jury.

Because we have foreign cosplayers as judges the language of the prejudging is English.

  • We suggest you to think through what you want to say about your dress. Keep it in mind that the jury can ask questions as well.
  • You will only have two minutes to explain how you created your costume. The jury is mostly interested in the techniques you used to create your costume.
  • Since the jury members are experienced cosplayers, we recommend you to draw attention to the special details of your cosplay.
  • Participating in the prejudging is mandatory.
  • After the prejudging the competition continues with the stage performance..

Stage performance (14:00-16:00)

  • You have to be at stage 15 minutes before the contest and check-in with our staff. 
  • On the stage the contestants will perform in an order, but this may change on the day of the event. The staff members will tell you when it’s your turn.
  •  After the stage host announced you the technicians will start a 5-10 seconds long puffer video.
  • You can go up on stage during this time. When the video is over, the music, what you uploaded starts and the reference image appears. If you need more time, than 10 seconds to get on the stage, please let us know in the comment section of the application form.


The winners will be announced during the awards  giving ceremony.

Award categories

  • Best Costume – This award is given to the contestant whose costume is the most spectacular and most similar to the original.
  • Best team – The team, whose costumes are the most spectacular.
  • Best character similarity – This award will be those who can provide the best overall picture and behavior of the character.
  • Best makeup (optional) – This award is given to competitors who did the best job with their make up or special effects to improve their overall appearance. This award is given only if the judges think that the makeup was top-notch 
  • Best newbie – The competitors who didn’t win any craftsmanship award at the events we organized can win this award.
  • Best show – Those receive this award, who give the best show. It could be a little dance / monologue / scene in harmony with their portrayed character. (Reference: EuroCosplay competitors)
  • Audience’s favorite – Those will win this award, who get the most votes from the audience.