Meet with the special cosplay guests of MondoCon! They will judge our cosplay craftsmanship competition on 14th October (Saturday) at 14.30-16:00, also, they will held an on stage panel on 15th October (Sunday) at 12:00-12:30. Check out more of their details below!

Manuel D’Andrea

Manuel D’Andrea is a talented Costume Designer and Makeup Artist that became known worldwide for his extreme Cosplay and Makeup transformations that went viral multiple times on social media. With over 40 appearances as a Guest for international Comic-Cons Manuel held Panels and live Makeup lessons all over the world and actively works in the movie industry making costumes.

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A Slovenian cosplayer with a flair for the dramatics. Have been cosplaying since 2018. She has immense love for anything that requires fine work or precision albeit foam or fabric! She is a skilled seamstress as she was trained in the theater space! But is not afraid to get her hands dirty with foam or 3D printing.

She does actively compete in competition at home and abroad and have won a few rewards! Along with cosplay she is also a freelance artist that works in the TTRPG community!

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A lot of people know him as Witcher, Iron man or Mandalorian! He has been a prop maker and cosplayer since 2015. He is in love with making space guns, helmets, statues and challenging cosplays! He like to work on cosplays that include different techniques from sewing, 3D printing, fiberglass, foamsmithing and more.

He competes in cosplay competitions in Slovenia and abroad. He won a few times at ICCC and he even competed on VIECC. he also lectured cosplay and 3D printing in different universities and conventions.

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