Cosplay guest: Livanart Cosplay

“I’m livanart. French cosplay Champion of 2019. I started cosplaying around 2015, after I played Bioshock (my favorite game since then!). My first cosplay was a Big sister. I went to a local Con with it and I’ve been asked to participate in the cosplay contest. I won the second place and that was it. I couldn’t stop. I try to learn new techniques when designing each of my cosplays (electronics / leather / molding / prosthetics). Now, I intend to continue the competition for a while. The cosplay community allowed me to open up to others and express myself through Art. I have met many amazing people through cosplay, and for that, I will always be grateful. My slogan : « Work hard & always aim further than your goal, you never know what might happen.”

Here you can check her works: