Cosplay guest of honor: Paszuly Cosplay from Hungary

Hi there! I’m Paszuly, and I have been cosplaying now for 10 years – actually, the Winter MondoCon 2019 will be my 10th anniversary as a cosplayer. I entered performance competitions many times with my friends, sometimes we won there. I represented Hungary during EuroCosplay 2018. I love to visit foreign conventions, get to know cosplayers from foreign cultures. I love to dress up as both boy and girl characters. My favourite part in cosplaying is to style wigs, and sometimes I have panels about this during MondoCon.

In my civil life, I’m studying and working at a university, so I’m making coffee as a hobby. :)

This won’t be the first time that I’m sitting at the judges’ table, but it’s a really nice gift for me, especially that this is the 10th anniversary of my life as a cosplayer, and I have just participated as a contestant at EuroCosplay too, so its like a dream has come true for me. I’m so excited about this con! I’m really looking forward to it! :3

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