Cosplay guest of honor: Nana Kuronoma from Austria

About Nana: „Hello everyone! My Name is Nana Kuronoma and I´m a cosplayer since 200 who lives in Austria. At the beginning, my cosplays was terrible! I don´t know how to styl wigs, what is a good quality of fabrics, where I can buy contect lenses… But with the help of my friends, I grow up! I learned more and more about all the Cosplaystuff and now, I´m here and I have to say: My cosplays look much better 😀 I didn’t specialize in a Cosplaystyl, I like to do different typs of Cosplay. I like the variety! Cosplay is a feeling for me, not only a Business. For me it´s importand to have fun at the convention, spent time with my awesome followers and answear your questions about Cosplay. Some people say I´m a „famous/eliteCosplayer” but the truth is, I´m just a normal Cosplayer like you, not more and not less.

I don´t put myself on a pedestal, because I have some followers. My followers motivate me, supporting me and give me the power to work day by day for my new cosplays, so I have to put all of them on a pedestal! It´s also a very strange feeling when everyone is looking at you, your social medias and waiting for new photos. There are some days where I ask “Why thay like my stuff so much? I´m just normal.” then my husband say „No, you don´t! And thats the reason!”.

After all this time, I want to give something back with Workshops, Tutorials, Prints, Merchandising, meet and greet, Motivation Posts on the internetand so much more! I try to show other cosplayers that we are like a little family and not like enemies. So, that´s what I am and what I do! I reallyhopetoseeyou at Spring MondoCon 2019 and take a photo with you in your wonderful cosplay!

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