Cosplay judge: Ferasha

​Ferasha’s daily job is working for a renowned international organization whose goal is to bring about world peace. In her spare time, she is the vice-president of Sakurabana, where she organizes conventions to promote the Japanese pop-culture and other forms of contemporary geekery. She travels too much, hates boring clothes, prefers dogs to cats, fangirls Neil Gaiman, obsesses over Game of Thrones, and dislikes happy endings – except in real life, of course. She’s been cosplaying for seven years, emphasizing visual transformation and acting in character. She fancies cosplaying villains – those guys tend to have cooler personalities and a better fashion sense.
Ferasha is a regular on MondoCon, returning several times a year. She often says that this is her favorite foreign convention, and that in Budapest she feels like among family.
Instagram: @ferashacosplay