Cosplay judge: Kana

Kana, Slovakia. She had first started with cosplay making in 2009 and since then it has been a never ending process. As all the cosplayers surely know, this unusual hobby is quite time, money and sometimes even sanity consuming, but the result is worth all of it. That is one of the main reasons she has been into cosplay until now. Kana specializes in sewing for the most part, but she is no stranger to other techniques as well. She enjoys making pompous, detailed and complicated cosplays the most, but never says no to even simpler or casual cosplay when it comes from a beloved fandom. She has participated in Euro Cosplay competition twice as a representative for Slovakia, after she placed first in the qualifiers. The second time she placed at 7th place. The latest achievments were both at Vienna ComiCon. Last year,  she placed second in her category (Larger than Life) and the year before she placed first in her category (Needlework)​