• In this competition we mainly observe the presentation and character similarity
  • You can compete with the same costume once a year.
  • You can only apply with official illustrations of officially published characters (manga, anime, film, video game, book cover, etc.) or internationally recognized fanarts of these official characters. Self-designed art of an official character or a character design without any official source is not allowed. 
  • We disqualify the contestants if they
    • does not appear in time
    • spend more time on stage than is permitted (maximum four minutes)
    •  or if they do not comply with any rules, which are described in this document.
  • You don’t have to fill all the given time if you planned a shorter performance. Based on our experience, a shorter show can be more impressive.
  • Do not litter on the stage, if you drop anything during your performance, pick it up at the end!
  • Bringing firearms and/or real stabbing/cutting weapon to the event is strictly forbidden! 
  • Using fire or pyrotechnic device during the competitions is strictly prohibited! 
  • Using liquids on stage is prohibited!
  • We check the files which were submitted during registration, but the organizers are not liable for a defective or poorly edited content. 
  • If there is any technical error in the submitted files, we will ask for corrections via e-mail. If the corrected version is not sent until the application deadline, the application will be considered invalid.
  • Since the event is not age-restricted, each performance which would be considered age-restricted in accordance with the laws in force will be disqualified from the competition.

Place and date of application

  • You can apply to the competition on the mondocon.hu website. The registration closes one week before the event (01st October 2023, 23:59), after that the application cannot be altered.
  • It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, so if something is need to be corrected, you will have time for that!
  • If you apply as a group, only one member of you need to register your team.

Check-in / get-in 

  • Competitors need to provide their tickets themselves.
  • Look for the MondoCon staff at the gates. They will help you to get your ticket – if you don’t have it yet- and get in faster.
  • We would disqualify those who do not appear in time or spend more time on stage than is permissible.


Gates openPhoto shootDeadline to arrive to the stage
  • If someone cannot attend the event, but registered, please inform the organizers through the registration system or e-mail <cosplay@mondocon.hu> no later than the closing date for registration! (01st October 2023, 23:59)

Requested data and files

Information we need

  • Real (civil) name
  • e-mail address (regularly watched and reliable)
  • character name, who you are cosplaying and the title of the series (anime / game / series / other name) 
  • The file name will be the name of the group/individual candidate. 
  • The file name should not contain accents, capital letters and special characters. Instead of a space, use underscore. (Eg .: Peter Wade -> peter_wade)


  • One reference image of the character must be uploaded. This will be projected on stage as a background image.
    • This image has to be colorful and it must show the full image of the character. The image can be edited, assembled from multiple images, but cannot be recolored!
    • It is worth to choose an image where the details are clearly visible (for example, multi-view picture montage).
    • If it’s possible choose a horizontal picture, because it is more preferable for a stage background.
    • Minimum resolution should be 1280×720, but up to 2 MB.


  • As soon as we call you on stage we start the music and your chosen image will be projected in the background.
  • Whatever you wish to play in your music, edit it in the music because we cannot stop it for you.
  • The file length cannot be longer than the length of the performance. (maximum 4 minutes)
  • It is mandatory to write the length of the music in the file name. (Eg .: 40-second music -> kovacs_bela_00_40.mp3).


  • In the Performance category a video can be used during the performance, which will go in the background.
  • It is important to make the video with music, because in this case, we cannot play the music and the video footage separately.
  • The video should be as long as your performance (maximum 4 minutes)
  • If you upload a video, include the length of the video file (e.g.:peter_parker_3:45.avi) on the file name.
  • Upload the video to a file sharing site (Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive) and paste the link to the notes. Be sure the file will be available until the contest closes.
  • Parameters:
    • Container: .AVI, .MP4, .WMV
    • Video codecs: H264, x264, XviD, DivX (5-6-7), WMV-3, WMV-9
    • Audio codec: MP3, AAC, WMA, PCM, AC3, (min 44Khz, stereo)
    • Framerate: 29.97 fps
    • Resolution: 1280 × 720 (16: 9)
    • Pixel aspect ratio: 1.000 (square)
    • Max Duration: 5:00 min
    • Max size: 350 MB


  • Extra request can be written here (eg.: light requests, decoration requests etc.) 
  • Light types: solid color (RGB color scheme), multicolored (eg fire effect), flickering. You can also set the brightness as a percentage.
  • We will try to fulfill the requests within reasonable limits.
  • Decoration: make sure to write us
    • the list of the items you wish to put on stage
    • if you need any help in the packing
    • how much time would it take
  • Putting everything on stage has to take maximum 30 seconds!
  • Only MondoCon staff members are authorized to help you put your decorations on stage.
  • If you spread something on stage (confetti, dust, etc.), use only small quantities and let us know about it so we can schedule a cleaning time after your turn if necessary. 
  • Dresser:
  • You may bring one person – from the same gender – to help you get dressed.
  • The dresser must have a valid ticket, otherwise we cannot let him/her in.
  • If you wish to bring a dresser, let us know in advance and do not forget to send us his/her civilian name, otherwise we cannot let him/her in the changing room!
  • Dressers are allowed to accompany you only, when you have a  very sophisticated costume which we will decide based on the reference image, and we have the right to refuse this requirement.


The winners will be announced on stage during the awards ceremony.