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Bridear concert

MONDO and the presents you BRIDEAR(Japan)!

The Bridear girl band was founded in 2011. They are a powermetal / metalcore band from Fukuoka. As a part of their tour of Europe, they will have a concert at MondoCon, on the 7th of october. That’s saturday night, folks!

So get ready to rock and roll at MondoCon! 🙂

Listen to a few of their songs and prepare for a live concert:
🎵Light in The Dark:

Guest of Honour: Elffi

Our third cosplayer guest of honour for this convention will be Elffi from Finnland!
A 29 year old super popular cosplayer guy with over 70,000 followers on facebook. His most famous cosplay is Saitama from One Punch Man, but his Eng cosplay (from Avatar, the Last Airbender) is also well known. He is a good friend of our earlier guest, Leon Chiro.
Beside creating cosplays with extreme character-fidelity, he also creates a lot of videos and shares his training tips and tricks over facebook. He has been both a competitor and a jury member in conventions all around the world: Japan, Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica. He was placed third in the Cosplay Idol Europe Contest hosted by Otaku House back in 2012.
Further info about Elffi:

Guest of Honour: Sayuri

One of our cosplayer guests of honour will be Sayuri!

She will visit us along her best friend Lux Cosplay, both of them from Austria.
She started her cosplay career in 2010 and she has toured all over Europe, visiting various conventions. She was a guest at AniNite, VIECC, Dokomi, Nippon Nation and FOTOCON.

She also takes up commissions, she is especially good at creating armor and weapons. This is another common point with her friend Lux, they often keep workshops together on this topic. As our guest she will also be in the cosplay jury, so competitors better take great care at crafting your swords and spears! 🙂

Cosplayer guest of honour: Misaki Sai

This summer we will have the beautiful Misaki Sai from Ukraine as one of our guests of honour! A frequent guest of Asian conventions, she is into cosplay since 2008 and became famous for the fantastic character fidelity of her cosplays. No wonder she is the favourite model of Pugoffka! She already visited MondoCon in the company of Pugoffka last year, but this time she is going to be a guest of honour of her own. She will also be a jury member for our cosplay competitions.

Kendappa-o__RG Veda__Mokrushina Oksana (1)




Cosplayer guest of honour: Leon Chiro

Leon Chiro from Italy will be one of our cosplayer guests – and a member of the cosplay jury. Leon has already been to our convention, enjoyed it just as much as we enjoyed his company so now he is returning as a welcome friend!

Leon has been into cosplay from 2011. Since then he visited the biggest conventions around the world, he worked with famous companies, like Nintendo, Ubisoft and Square Enix. He is a professional cosplayer and model, and in his personal life he studies Sports at the university.