Just Dance 2019 contest


Do you feel like moving your body? Then you must come visit us at MondoCon! Feel free to dance around or enter the competition and win!

Rules of the contest:

  • There are 3 grades for the dancers: Beginner, Intermediate and Pro.
  • The following number of contestants can participate in each grade: Beginner – 8, Intermediate – 15, Pro – 3.
  • Those who sign up are required to do a qualifying round so they can be put in the appropriate grade based on their performance.
  • The top 26 dancers from the qualifying round will move on to the contest, from where they can advance to the next round by a direct elimination system.
  • The winner of the Beginner and Intermediate will then go up against the opponents of the next grade (so the Beginner grade’s winner may have a showdown on Intermediate level and the Intermediate’s champion on Pro level).
  • Contestants can sign up on the spot with their full name, nickname and e-mail address.
  • Those who are not present at the beginning of the contest or when they are called upon to dance, will have 2 mins to show up – if they don’t, they are automatically disqualified.
  • Every match is 1v1, and the winner is whoever gets 3 wins first (BO5).
  • The music track is chosen randomly.