Just Dance 2021 contest


Do you feel like moving your body? Then you must come visit us at MondoCon! Feel free to dance around or enter the competition and win!

Rules of the contest:

– Categories: Beginner,Advanced ,Pro
– Max Competitor for categories: Beginner: 16, Advanced: 7, Pro: 5
– All competitor need to play a qualification match to be categorized in the categories above.
-After the qualification match the best 26 of the competitors will go to a single elimination tournament and will be separated to 8-15-3 (Beginner-Advanced-Pro) categories. Beginner and Advanced champion will move to the category above them.(Beginner->Advanced,Advanced->Pro).
– The registration is local and you need to provide your full name , nickname and an email address.
– If someone will not appear at the start of his/her match, after 2 minute he/she will be disqualified.
– Every match 2 competitor will play.
– The music selected by random.
– The finals are Best of 5, so you need to win 3 match.