Kanon Mizuno – ‘The Japanese singing doll


She called ‘The Japanese singing doll. Crafted by the hands of gods, she fights creatures of darkness with her beautiful voice.’ in overseas. Beyond imagination from her petite appearance, she has a certain singing skill and expressive power of high-tone voice.

Mainly appears Anime festivals and Japanese festivals, shows and exhibitions, TV, Radio and Hollywood Movies in Europe from 2015. Sings in various genres of music that anime songs, pops, musicals, operas, chansons, western songs, ENKA (Japanese old music) ,DOUYOU (for child music).

So far she has appeared in 10 cities in 5 countries: Romania, Hungary, Serbia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. At the same time, she also hold charity concerts at local orphanages and Japanese language schools, lectures about Japanese culture.

In 2012,’ 14th China Music Board Meeting Great Wall Cup International Music Competition In the vocal section’, she also received an incentive award.

Her sound producer is PolyphonicBranch, his music is used by Lady GAGA’s music live in North America in 2014. He is famous in Japan as a music producer of a new genre called VOCALOID.


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