Naruto Storm 4 contest (PS4)

Attention, Fighters!

You may play Naruto Storm 4 either in- or outside the contest.
You can choose from over a hundred characters of the Naruto universe to play. Thanks to the game’s advanced fighting mechanics, special teams, spectacular moves and stunning battles await you.


Rules for the contest, Pro grade:

  • The tournament max player number is 32, – only local registration,
  • The tournament is single elimination tournament.
  • Before the tournament start in 15 minutes , you need to check-in.
  • If you could not check-in you will be disqualified.
  • Everyone’s will be called for the match , if you late more than 3 minutes you will be disqualified.
  • Every round before the final and the semi-final is Bo1, the semi-final is Bo3 and the Final is a Bo5.
  • All Matches are 3 round match with the timer set to be Infinite.
  • All competitor need to choose ONE main and ONE support character.
  • After a match, the winner need to choose a new character and cannot choose the same character till the final matches.
  • PTS Tenten (ingame called Tenten) can not be chosen
  • Counterswap is forbidden.First time you will lose the round, second time you will banned from the tournament
  • The Start or other pause button unnecessary or/and intentional use out of reason for the first two times will cause a warning then in a third time you will get disqualified.
  • Rage quit or any exploit or game bug use will be an automatic disqualification.
  • You can use your own (PS4) controller, but it is not mandatory. If you choose to play with your own you need to bring yourself a cable for that.