Selfie Achievement Challenge

Do you feel like you are the uncrowned king or queen of selfies? Do you want to try yourself?

Then the Selfie Achievement Challenge was made for you!

Come to the MondoCon Autumn on 20-21st October and prepare your camera! If you want to participate, check regularly because we will publish the list of tasks there, a few days before the event.

The Challenge will be held on both days, you have to show the pictures to one member of the contest crew until 16:00 on Sunday, in the staff room. (Registration hall)

Attention! The selfies have to be made on 20-21st October, or you do not get points for them.

The photos with the #szeretlekmondocon hashtag, shared on any social media interface worth double points!

One of the prizes is a brand new selfie stick! Come, and win!

Selfie Achievement Challenge List

Take a selfie…
~ with someone, who is cosplaying from a 2018 fall season anime
~ with someone, who you cannot see in their cosplay
~ with a cosplayer who is likely to be cold
~ with an alien species
~ with someone with a huge weapon
~ with someone who is taking a selfie
~ with someone who has full face painting
~ with a crossplayer
~ with someone from a TV series
~ with someone from a very popular anime
~ with someone, who can barely fit the door in their huge cosplay
~ with someone, who is cosplaying from a western cartoon
~ with someone, who is the official performer of the wrestling show
~ with Viktor
~ with Enji
~ with the hosts of the Geeks & Craft stage
~ with the Pumpkin King (winner piece of the Pumpkin Craving Contest)
~ with a stuffed animal
~ with a soldier/commando
~ with a portrait artist of the Con
~ with a superhero
~ with a cosplayer in black and white costume
~ with a cosplayer from a movie
~ with someone with cat ears
~ with two people, cosplaying the same character
~ with a photographer
~ with a craftsman
~ with a video game character
~ with a very young cosplayer
~ with a foreign guest
~ with a furry
~ with a wizard/witch
~ with an archer
~ with a lolita
~ on a DDR

Don’t forget: the submission deadline is Sunday (October 21 st ) 16:00 o’clock, in the staff
room! Sharing the pictures on social media with the hashtag #szeretlekmondocon worth
double points!