Submitted drawing contest


  • Pictures that were made at home and have not been submitted to any previous MondoCon art competitions.
  • There are several categories, you can send in pictures in accordance to those.
  • Maximum size is A4, because of postal limitations. Anything bigger than that shall not be accepted.
  • Pornographic or otherwise offensive pieces are disqualified immediately, alongside with copied and traced drawings.
  • Printing and copying your art: Digital drawings must be printed. In other categories you can send copies too, but we do not recommend that. We take care of your pictures, but if you still insist on sending copies, please have it multiplied in a qualitative way. Please consider printing on special, higher quality papers.
  • Your drawing gets disqualified if it does not apply to all of the criteria listed (size, category, not enough data, etc).


From Spring 2017, we restart the registration platform. For this, you need to upload your main file and wip photos for digital category only. If you work traditionally, we highly recommend your main file to be scanned. No alternations otherwise than the correction of colours are accepted.

Your main file shall not be bigger than 2 Mb!

  • First register on . Please verify your registration via confirmatory e-mail.
  • Choose drawing competition on the right row and the category you wish to participate in.
  • Upload your main file of your picture and work-in-progress photos (2 pieces, only in digital/CG category) and wait for your validation.

We close registration at 21.07.2019.


  • You must list: real, full name, nickname (if you have one), e-mail address, category
  • We cannot take responsibility for any damage done to your picture by the post. Make sure your drawing is safe in the envelope by putting it between two paperboards or using a ‘bubble envelope’. If your picture gets damaged anyway, we will inform you asap!
  • If you want to get your picture back by post, please include a SASE (self addressed envelope) with it. It’s size should be big enough so we don’t need to fold your work to fit it inside.
  • Please write legibly!
  • Do not send in your pictures at the last minute! We cannot accept pictures that arrive after the deadline, and it would be a shame if you couldn’t participate because of missing the deadline. We highly recommend starting your creative progress in time.


  • In case your picture do not arrive but your online registration is complete (your datas and main files are correct), then your registration is verified. This does not mean though that you can send in your pictures late; in case we don’t get your entry in time, we can not exhibit the original one at the competition.
  • By participating in our competition, you automatically accept that your picture will be exposed at the Con (with your name included) and possibly be featured in the next Mondo Magazine and/or at the web site of the Con.
  • Usually there are three winners at the bigger categories (Original, Fanart, CG) and one winner at the smaller categories. Our sponsor this year is Panton.
  • Your rewards can ONLY be received at the Con, we cannot post it.
  • There are no sub-categories for ages.


  • We take down the exhibition on Saturday at ~19.30, and at 17.00 on Sunday. Please take your pictures down after the deadlines.
  • After the exhibition is taken down, you can get your drawings personally. It’s OK to send someone else in your name to get it for you, but please inform us about it via e-mail so we won’t give it to someone else!
  • If you fail to take your drawing at this Con, you can bring it home at the next. You must take your drawing in 4 Cons.


NEW! MIXED MEDIA: All works with different materials or techniques can participate here. Let it be plastic, textile, feather or leftovers of your cosplay, use them wisely and join the competition! 3D paper works and multiple materials are welcome!

ORIGINAL: Pictures featuring original characters, worlds or scenes, born by the fantasy of the creator. Only traditional art is accepted, no digital works here!

FANART: Pictures that feature an already existing character, world, object, or anything else that’s not your own. The point is to represent something that is not your original world – but – in your own style. Traced pictures and/or completely copied poses/scenes from screenshots or official artists are automatically disqualified. Using reference photos are accepted, though.
When participating in this category, please add the name of the anime, book, series etc. your work is from.

Only traditional art is accepted, no digital works here either!

CG/DIGITAL: Pictures that were made by using a graphic software. You can both send fanart or original themed pictures here. Your picture’s resolution must be 200-300 dpi, its size around A4 (you are free to compose in any frames, but make sure it’s not too small). Please do not forget to send WIPs (work in progress pictures) of the making of your piece to our e-mail address (

Your finished picture must be sent by post. We recommend using a higher quality paper and a good resolution to use when you print your picture.

MANGA PAGE: Fanart or original themed ONE PAGE comic. Technique and creativity are both judged here. Your page must make sense in itself. It must contain at least three frames and some text but you are free to compose the way of these. The size is A4. Your entry can be either traditionally or digitelly made. If it’s digital, the resolution should be 200-300 dpi, and sent in by post. Please write on either ‘original’ or ‘fanart’ so that we can distinguish.

CHARACTER CREATION: Want to show off your skills at character creation? Many of you have exciting OCs with original stories behind them or being created for an already existing universe.

You shall introduce your character on the page. You must feature a full body picture of your character with all their details and all in their glory. It is recommended to show your character’s mimics/expressions or, for example, the details on their weapons (not necessary but they are important extra infos). You must include the name of your character and any other detail that helps in getting to know them (age, height, species, special abilities, weapons, their past, etc).

Your entries can be done either traditionally or digitally. If it’s digital, the resolution should be 200-300 dpi, and sent in by post. The size is A4 here, too.

You can participate with a character that did not win previously, but you must draw a completely new picture of them. You cannot compete with the very same piece.


  • Address: Budapest 145 Posta, 1145 Budapest, Pf.: 138, „Mangafan Kiadó Kft.”
    Deadline: 24th July, 2019

If you have any questions, please ask the judges at our Facebook event: or via e-mail:

Good luck and have fun!