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Retro Challenge

Time flies, every season there are tons of anime titles rolling out and that of course means lots and lots of brand new openings and endings too. However, there are some songs that have become iconic over the years; we have prepared a list of 15 famous anime songs for you to feast your ears on.

The challenge is to sing all these songs during the Casual karaoke program. Of course you don’t have to sing all 15 just by yourself. Anyone may choose 1 or more songs from the list. You’ll get the number of the song you sang and if all the songs have been sung at least once by the end of the Casual karaoke (so that’s between 10.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. – 4.45 p.m.), the people who have performed the songs will receive presents (in exchange for their number tags) at 4.45 p.m.


1: Azumanga Daiou – Soramimi Cake

2: Berserk – Forces

3: Cowboy Bebop – Sasurai no Cowboy

4: Digimon – Biggest Dreamer

5: Dragon Ball Z – Cha-la Head Cha-la

6: Full Metal Panic – Tomorrow

7: Gintama – Pray

8: Great Teacher Onizuka – Driver’s High

9: Inuyasha – I Want to Change the World

10: Neon Genesis Evangelion – Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze

11: Ouran High School Host Club – Sakura Kiss

12: Sailor Moon – Moonlight Densetsu

13: Slayers – Give a Reason

14: Yu Yu Hakusho – Hohoemi no Bakudan

15: Zero no Tsukaima – First Kiss

Red vs White Sing-Off

Kouhaku Uta Gassen is a popular singing contest in Japan, held annually since 1951 on New Year’s Eve. The invited singers are sorted in to the Red (female) team and the White (male) team, then perform a variety of songs on stage. The winning team is decided based on the judges’ opinions and the votes from the audience.

On 5 January 2019 starting at 12.30 p.m. we are bringing you the great sing-off of Mondocon. You may sign up on the spot between 10.30 a.m. and 12 p.m. by giving your name and the title of the song you wish to sing (anything from these lists, excluding songs marked as “LQ” or “Vocal”).

Everyone interested is welcome!

You may sing alone or in a group of max 3 people. Before the contest starts, 6 performers will be chosen randomly from the applicants (3 in each team, regardless of their gender). After the 6 performances, the audience may vote for the team they found better at the sing-off. Votes are accepted until 4 p.m. for either the Red or the White team, not individual singers.

Be part of either the Red or the White team and come sing your favourite song on the karaoke stage!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or visit our facebook event:





Just Dance 2019 contest


Do you feel like moving your body? Then you must come visit us at MondoCon! Feel free to dance around or enter the competition and win!

Rules of the contest:

  • There are 3 grades for the dancers: Beginner, Intermediate and Pro.
  • The following number of contestants can participate in each grade: Beginner – 8, Intermediate – 15, Pro – 3.
  • Those who sign up are required to do a qualifying round so they can be put in the appropriate grade based on their performance.
  • The top 26 dancers from the qualifying round will move on to the contest, from where they can advance to the next round by a direct elimination system.
  • The winner of the Beginner and Intermediate will then go up against the opponents of the next grade (so the Beginner grade’s winner may have a showdown on Intermediate level and the Intermediate’s champion on Pro level).
  • Contestants can sign up on the spot with their full name, nickname and e-mail address.
  • Those who are not present at the beginning of the contest or when they are called upon to dance, will have 2 mins to show up – if they don’t, they are automatically disqualified.
  • Every match is 1v1, and the winner is whoever gets 3 wins first (BO5).
  • The music track is chosen randomly.

Tekken 7 contest (PS4)

Tournament rule

  • On-the-spot registration 
  • The championship is limited to 32 players ( the number of maximum players can vary based ont he registrations)
  • Players must check-in 30 minutes before the championship at the point of registration
  • Anyone who does not check in is disqualified
  • Before the matches, you are notified that you are the next. You have 3 minutes to get ready. If you do not appear on time, you are disqualified.
  • Matches are played in Tournament Battle Mode. It means BO5 matches with 60 second time limit. During the finals, you have to win 2 BO5 matches.
  • Upon pressing the start button, you are notified about it. After 3 notifications, you are disqualified.
  • Using of King’s chain grab is prohibited, and it involves the loss of the round.
  • You can not configure rage arts on a single button. It is prohibited.
  • You can use your own PS4 controller, but its not mandatory. Please bring you own USB cable for you controller too.
  • For every player, Fair Play is mandatory. Please consider this before registering to the tournament.

Ultimate Anime Music Quiz

About AdarnaKo Karaoke

Hello to all fellow music lovers out there. We are AdarnaKo Karaoke, a small group of people who enjoy good music of all sorts. We love to share the joy of singing anime openings and endings with everyone at Mondocon and that is why we organize the karaoke events.

What you can choose from: Casual singing, Karaoke Grand Prix, Ultimate Anime Music Quiz

Ultimate Anime Music Quiz

In this activity you will hear small bits of anime openings, endings, character songs or game insert songs. These pieces of music might be cover versions arranged for piano, violin, guitar or even band covers on many different languages. All you need to do is grab a pen, listen carefully and choose the correct answer from four titles we provide. You don’t need to bring any pieces of paper with you just a pen.

The second part is the Quiz Xtra where we make it a bit more difficult by giving you five different tasks. The Sorting Task is where you need to put the titles in the correct order you hear them. The Connecting Task is where you’ll hear four small parts of music and you need to figure out the connection between them without us revealing the titles of the songs. In the Rapid X Task is where you choose the title you hear in 2-5 sec bits. In the Remix X Task you’ll hear all sorts and any sorts of mashups, remixes and manipulated song parts. Lastly in the Character Song Task you’ll need to choose the name of the character singing the song you’ll hear from four options.

You may do the quiz alone or form a team of two or three. The best quizzers will win some exciting prizes.

Karaoke Vol. 2.3

About AdarnaKo Karaoke

Hello to all fellow music lovers out there. We are AdarnaKo Karaoke, a small group of people who enjoy good music of all sorts. We love to share the joy of singing anime openings and endings with everyone at Mondocon and that is why we organize the karaoke events.

What you can choose from: Casual singing, Karaoke Vol. 2.3, Ultimate Anime Music Quiz

Karaoke Vol. 2.3

There’s always a karaoke contest, this time it’s a group competition. You may enter in groups of 2 or 3 people, and choose a song from the list provided here. ( Songs that are marked “LQ” or “Vocal” are not allowed.) You need to register for the contest before the convention by filling the application form on the following site. ( Registration period is from 11th June to 2nd July. All members must sing a part of the song alone as well as together as a team. The best three performances will win awesome prizes.

Cosplay Craftsmanship

  •        The craftsmanship competition mainly observes the construction of the costume and the similarity to the character.
  •        It is not possible to apply with a costume that are not made by the competitor.
  •        By groups (maximum 8 people) team members may jointly prepare their costumes, but their costumes cannot be made by a person who is not a member of the team.
  •        Competitors can get help from others in parts or accessories of the costumes, but the jury must be informed about this.
  •        You can only apply with official illustrations of officially published characters (manga, anime, film, video game, book cover, etc.) or internationally recognized fanarts of these official characters. A self-designed fanart of an official character or a character design without any official source is allowed.
  •        You cannot reapply with a costume, which has been already designated for reward in any event we organize.
  •        The minimum age to apply to this competition is 14 years.
  •        The costume must be safe to move in it (take the stairs to the stage, move on the stage etc.). If the jury or the organizers think that your costume might cause you or your surroundings any damage, they can refuse to let you on stage.
  •        The competition is up to 30 individual and 5 group (up to 8 people / group) application.
  •        Stage Time

o   Individual: 30-60 seconds

o   Group: 60-120 seconds

  •        Do  not litter on the stage, if you drop anything during your performance, pick it up at the end!
  •        Bringing firearms and/or real stabbing/cutting weapon to the event is strictly forbidden!
  •        Using fire or pyrotechnic device during the competitions is strictly prohibited!
  •        Using liquids on stage is prohibited!
  •        We check the files which were submitted during registration, but the organizers are not liable for a defective or poorly edited content.
  •        If there is any technical error in the submitted files, we will ask for corrections via e-mail. If the corrected version is not sent until the application deadline, the application will be considered invalid.
  •        Since the event is not age-restricted, each performance which would be considered age-restricted in accordance with the laws in force will be disqualified from the competition.

Place and date of application

  •          You can apply to the competition here. The registration closes one week before the event (13th July 2019, 23:59), after that the application cannot be altered.
  •          It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, so if something is needed to be corrected, you will have time for that!
  •          If you apply as a group, only one member of you need to register your team, but please list the names of the team members and their email address in the comment section.


Check-in / get-in

  •          Competitors need to provide their tickets themselves.
  •          Look for the MondoCon staff  at the gates. They will help you to get your ticket – if you don’t have it yet- and get in faster. (You can find them near the VIP line under a “cosplay” titled flag)
  •          We would disqualify those who do not appear in time or spend more time on stage than is allowed.
Gates open Deadline to check in by the changing rooms Deadline to arrive to the stage
9:00 10:15 13:45
  •          If someone cannot attend the event, but registered, please inform the organizers through the registration system or e-mail <> no later than the closing date for registration! (13th July 2019, 23:59)
  •          If the contestant did not attend at two consecutive events and did not inform the organizers about his/her absence in time, the organizers may decide to exclude the contestant from these competitions.

Requested data and files

Information we need

  •          Real (civil) name
  •          e-mail address (regularly watched and reliable)
  •          character name, source (anime / game / series / other name)
  •          if it is a fanart, based on a real character source, we need the character’s name, the source (anime/game/series) and the name of the artist with a link to his/her page (e.g.: Ariel – The Little Mermaid – Hannah Alexander artwork –
  •          Name your files based on your name you or your group name.
  •          The file name should not contain accents, capital letters and special characters. Instead of a space, use underscore. (Eg .: Peter Wade -> peter_wade)


  •          One reference image of the character must be uploaded. This will be projected on stage as a background image.

o   This image has to be colorful and it must show the full image of the character. The image can be edited, assembled from multiple images, but cannot be recolored!

o   It is worth to choose an image where the details are clearly visible (for example, multi-view picture montage).

o   If it’s possible choose a horizontal picture, because it is more preferable for a stage background.

o   Minimum resolution should be 1280×720, but up to 2 MB.


  •          You will need a music to your performance which we can play while you are on stage.
  •          Whatever you wish to play in your music, edit it in the music because we cannot stop it for you.
  •          The file length cannot be longer than the length of the performance. (Individual craftsmanship music minimum 30, maximum 60 seconds, group craftsmanship minimum 60 to 120 seconds)
  •          You don’t have to fill all the given time if you planned a shorter performance. Based on our experience, a shorter show can be more impressive.
  •          It is mandatory to write the length of the music in the file name. (Eg .: 40-second music -> kovacs_bela_00_40.mp3).


  •          Extra request can be written here (eg .: decoration requests etc.)
  •          We will try to fulfill the requests within reasonable limits.
  •          Decoration: make sure to write us

o   the list of the items you wish to put on stage

o   if you need any help in the packing

o   how much time would it take

  •          Putting everything on stage has to take maximum 30 seconds!
  •          Only MondoCon staff members are authorized to help you put your decorations on stage.
  •       You must leave the stage in the condition you found it. You cannot, for example: splash water or any liquids, nor sprinkle sand or flour. If you plan to use something on the stage (confetti, shred paper…etc.) you have to discuss it with the organizers first. We can only grant your request if after your performance it’s easy and quick to clean it up.
  •          Dresser:

o   You may bring one person – from the same gender – to help you get dressed.

o   The dresser must have a valid ticket, otherwise we cannot let him/her in.

o   If you wish to bring a dresser, let us know in advance and do not forget to send us his/her civilian name, otherwise we cannot let him/her in the changing room!

o   Dressers are allowed to accompany you only, when you have a  very sophisticated costume which we will decide based on the reference image, and we have the right to refuse this requirement.

The competition

  •          First the competitors will take part in the prejudging of the jury.
  •          Every competitor must show up at the prejudging, if you do not appear, you cannot participate in the competition.
  •          The jury is mostly interested in the techniques you used to create your costume.
  •          You will only have two minutes to explain how you created your costume.
  •          Since the jury members are experienced cosplayers, we recommend you to draw attention to the special details of your cosplay.
  •          We suggest you to consider in advance what you want to say about your dress, but be prepared for the fact that the jury will ask questions as well.
  •          The jury may ask how you built the individual parts, and if you say that you made them yourself, but you do not know how to explain it, the jury has the right to exclude you from the tournament.
  •          Then comes the part when you will show your costume on stage.
  •          Individual participants spend 30-60, the group spend  60-120 seconds on the stage.
  •          On the stage the contestants will perform in an order, which they received in advance, but this may change on the day of the event. The staff members will tell you when it’s your turn.
  •          After the stage master announced you the technicians will start a 5-10 seconds long puffer video.
  •          You may go up on stage during this time, and when this is over, the music starts, what you uploaded and the reference image appears.
  •          If you need more time, than 10 seconds to get on the stage, please let us know in the comment section of the application form.


The winners will be announced on stage during the awards ceremony.

Award categories

  •          Best Costume – This award is given to the contestant whose costume is the most spectacular and most similar to the original.
  •          Best team – this team, whose costumes are the most spectacular
  •          Best character similarity – This award will be those who can provide the best overall picture and behavior of the character, even if the costume is not the best.
  •          Best makeup (optional) – This award is given to competitors who did the best job with their make up or special effects to improve their overall appearance.
  •          Best newbie – those competitors can win this award,  who has never won any craftsmanship award at the event in the recent years and made some extremely successful job (clothes, accessories, makeup, character similarities). This does not mean that they cannot win in the other categories, only that the veterans cannot win in this category.
  •          Best show – Those receive this award, who give a little spice to their show. It could be a little dance / monologue / scene in harmony with their portrayed character. (Ref: EuroCosplay competitors)
  •          Audience’s favorite – Those will win this award, who get the most votes from the audience.

Cosplay guest of honor: Elyon Cosplay

Most of you probably knew Elyon from one of her Disney princess cosplays: Elsa, the Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Rapunzel. Of course she does a lot more, than cosplaying disney princesses. She won a dozen cosplay awards in the last five years. One of her latest masterpieces was Sisi (Empress Elisabeth): she won awards at Hanami and at CosplayGen with this historical cosplay.

Elyon is a professional costume designer. She is from Hungary but she moved to Germany with her husband 5 years ago. They often do couple-cosplays as well.

You can find her at:


Facebook :


Cosplay guest of honor: Danny McFly Cosplay

” Danny McFly is an award-winning cosplayer known for his armor builds, muscle suits, YouTube tutorials, and SFX makeup. In the past decade, he has created over 50 highly detailed costumes. Danny has earned many awards, judged for several of the world’s biggest cosplay contests, and worked professionally alongside companies such as Blizzard and Universal Pictures. When he’s not working on costumes, he spends his time helping new cosplayers and spreading positivity and love within the community ”

Social media:

Hungarian cosplay judges: Rhysa, Dawe & Dei


Hi All! My name is Dávid Varga aka Dawe.

Being invited to jury at a convention is really a huge thing for me! So far I have been the one to be judged by the jury.

I started cosplaying in 2009. My friends and my mum helped me a lot in sewing my clothes. However, from the very beginning, I created swords and accessories based on my own plans. I have successfully became a real expert in this field, especially in terms of swords. It was really motivating for me that I won a prize at the very first competition I have entered. From that day on, I have been creating swords, armors and other complicated stuff. I’m a real perfectionist and pay close attention to small details, like selecting the materials for my cosplays.

Check out my Facebook page for my other works:


Hi All!

I’m Rhysa – I know, pronouncing my name can give people a real headache. I have been doing cosplay for 10 years now. The biggest challenge in my life was when I attended Eurocosplay, one of the biggest cosplay competitions in Europe. It was in 2011 and with Tazzie cosplay, we were the selected cosplayers who represented Hungary. In cosplay, I love the planning and creation phases the most, because I like to face new challenges all the time! It makes grow as a cosplayer. I love doing cosplays from movies, tv-shows or video games – you can spot me at MondoCon as Arya (Game of thrones). I love cosplay craft and performance on the same level, and recently I got attached to LARP.You can check out my works on my Facebook page:

Hi All,

My name is Diána Nemes, but people usually know me as Dei. I have been into cosplay since 2007. You can usually see me as Bilbo from The Lord of the Rings, and nowadays I dress up as Newt Scamander. As you can see, I usually do cross-dressing. But of course, sometimes I cosplay women, too. I love creating accessories – this is a real passion for me. I won prizes at different competitions, I was rewarded for using the best technique, for doing the most funny performance. My latest achievement is that at the Central European Comic Con, I won the grand prize in advanced cosplay category for my Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) cosplay. Plus, I won the first place this summer at Aninite’s cosplay competition, too.