Thank you for visiting our event, we wish you a lot of fun! Please read the policy for visitors in order to avoid any misunderstanding!

Thank you for your contribution!

Tickets and the conditions of entry:

– Those who wish to attend to the event, need to pay for the ticket, except the invited guests, artists, vendors and event organizers.

–  For the paid price, visitors will receive wristbands. This must be visibly worn on the wrist and can be checked at any time by the security staff or a manager/assistant.

– The wristbands will only entitle for entering the event, if the visitor accepted the house rules of the event and keeps in mind that directors are monitoring the observance of it.

– Lost tickets or damaged wristbands can not be replaced by the organizers.

– Tickets should be bought only from official ticket distributors, and only at the price, what is indicated on the wristband!

– The contestants of the event should buy their tickets for themselfs!

General Policy:

– Not knowing the general policy does not exonerate you under any circumstances from the consequences of their violations!

– The organizers and security wear special distinctive mark. Their instructions must be followed inconditionally. Disorderly conducts imply disqualification and / or prosecute.

– The organizer is entitled to exclude persons from the event who violate the policy, or other visitors with their appearance or behavior.  The excluded persons are not entitled to any compensation.

– Bringing in glass or any dangerous objects, which coud cause damage to the area of ​​the event is forbidden! The organizers do not take responsibility for any damage caused to persons or property values ​​if they are the consequence of the irresponsible behavior of the visitors.

– Visitors must follow the instructions of the organizers if they summon them to vacate some locations or leave them free.

– Posessing, consuming or distributing drugs and other mind-altering stuff is prohibited and causes immediate disqualification, according to the current laws! The organizer is obliged to report every violation.

It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to the premises. The security guards are entitled to inspect bags and remove any alcohol they find.

– Animals cannot be brought to the event.

– Bringing in and consumpting food, drink and tobacco are permitted, but only in designated areas.

– Mongering, advertising or any promotional activities have to be authorized. Violation of this may cause disqualification from the event!

– If there is anything you are unsure, please ask it at the information desk!

Media Statement:

During the event, taking pictures and audio recording is allowed under the following conditions:

– In the dressing rooms, toilets, and any areas, that is not open for visitors, using cameras, videocameras, or voice recording is forbidden!

– Taking photos or video recording in the organizers’ room, its surroundings, and in the technical departments need a special permission. Only people, who are permitted, can do it.

– All of the video and audio recording, which was made at the event is the property of the organizers, the use of these recordings need to be permitted!

– The organizers of the event give their permission to the visitors to use all of the video and audio recordings for private purposes, including  posting them on the internet.

– All kind of media publishing of the photos or videos from the event, online or printed (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio), or using them in for any promotional way, needs to be permitted by the organizers! The organizers reserve the right to withdraw this authority in valid situations.

– Visitors of the event agree that during the event, video and / or audio recordings can be made of them. For the problems arising from this situation, no compensation needs can be submitted! If anyone would like to complain about the recordings, send us an e-mail Please be sure to indicate the civil name and the accurate, understandable reasons too!

General rules on dress code

– If someone’s clothes bother other visitors, he/she will be asked to change clothes and / or leave the territory of the event,  according to the rules of the general policy.

This rule includes everyone, the cosplayers and the invited guests also!

Covering the intimate parts is required (general swimsuit is allowed in some cases) and we ask everyone to pay attention to the basic hygiene!

Weapons and accessories for the costume:

Wearing any object, which may cause injury to other persons or in the equipment, or can be used as a weapon, is strictly forbidden.

Specifically the following:

– Real swords, knives, loaded guns, objects, which are capable of cutting and pricking or they are dangerous because of their size, estate or weight.

If an object meets any of these definitions, the security staff and the organizers have the right to suppress it and lock away until the visitor leaves the event. If a person does not want to give the object to the suff – according to the general policy – they can be excluded from the event.

– Exeptations are those, who have a special permission from the organizers (eg. participants of a martial arts show, cosplayers etc.).