Final Fantasy fans! Do you remember how we were all amazed by the fact, that during the Tokyo Olympics Games we could hear the best videogames’ songs from Japan? Especially, famous songs from Final Fantasy!

Now, imagine that you can listen to the most epic songs from Final Fantasy in rock and progressive metal style. Which are mixed further with a little blues and swing style. The cherry on the top, that a beautiful vocal is making these songs even more memorable!

During Autumn MondoCon you can also enjoy the unique mixture of these styles, thanks to the famouse italian band, the amazing Chocobo Band! They will hold a big concert at MondoCon, Saturday (october 22nd, starting at 7 pm).

If you are in love with the world of Final Fantasy or you a big fan of Nobou Uematsu’s works, then you shouldn’t miss out this concert! 

About Chocobo Band

The band was formed in 2007 from people who were (and still) huge fans of Final Fantasy. They had their first live concert in 2014, and since then they held several concerts across Italy and Europe. 

Thanks to their unique style, instrumentals and virtuosity, they have gained popularity across Final Fantasy fans, and thanks to that, they could release two solo albums so far. One in 2017 and an other one in 2020. At the moment, they are working on their next album.

Listen to the songs of Chocobo Band or follow them here: