MondoCon is a convention just like this, except it has a much friendlier atmosphere and is less expensive! An unnamed but well traveled guest introducing us to her friend

Welcome to MondoCon!

MondoCon is the biggest geek convention in Hungary (perhaps the biggest in the region) which we organize each Spring, Summer and Autumn – each convention being one weekend long.

On a busy day we have more than 10,000 visitors and we place a lot of emphasis on community building. We take pride in the fact that our convention is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The first MondoCon was held in 2008 and back then it was a manga/anime convention. We remained true to our roots and manga/anime fandom is still one of the cornerstones of our events. But if you are not interested in that, don’t worry! Over the years our convention embraced all things geek! (Should we say assimilated? 🖖) We have cartoons, fantasy, scifi and tv show fandoms all covered, and a large section dedicated to videogames and esports as well. And we must mention cosplay, because it is quite a big thing at MondoCon. Around a third of our visitors arrive in some sort of cosplay: from simple nekomimi and naruto-headbands to award-winning masterpieces, you will see a thousand different cosplays.

Our conventions have an undiminished popularity so we decided to open up to international visitors. Our main competitions were always open to everyone and recently we started to add english language panels and presentations as well.

So come and visit us! 🙂

The next convention will be
on 30-31th of July, 2022
in BOK Sports Hall (BOK Sportcsarnok)

With over 50% of the population vaccinated, the government has eased the restrictions and we can finally meet again (in person) at a convention!

There is a silver lining to everything, including the Covid pandemic. It gave us time to focus on producing online content for our fans. We publish our Mondoconline videos on a weekly bases, and they are growing in popularity.

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Highlights of MondoCon 2022 Summer

MondoCon has a lot of popular and well established programs, but we also like to keep things fresh so each MondoCon is a unique experience.

Cosplay guest of honor: Okkido

Okkido from Hungary will be our special cosplay guest and judge at our cosplay competitions during Summer MondoCon 2022!  Okkido has been into cosplay since 2006, and making cosplays and costumes has become a really important part of her life. She is well known for her gamer cosplays (Warhammer 40,000, Alice: Madness Returns, Mortal Kombat). […]

Cosplay guest of honor: Ferasha from Serbia

Ferasha from Serbia will be our special cosplay guest and judge at our cosplay competitions during Summer MondoCon 2022! In civil, Ferasha is working at a international organization. In her freetime she is the vice president of an event called Sakurabana, which promotes japanese and geek subcultures. She is also working as an event organizer. […]

Cosplay guest of honor: Surine from Denmark

Surine from Denmark will be our special cosplay guest and judge at our cosplay competitions during Summer MondoCon 2022! Surine is actively part of the cosplay community for more than 10 years now. She represented Denmark at prestigious cosplay competitions multiple times, such as the World Cosplay Summit or the EuroCosplay Gathering events. Besides competing […]

Guest of honor: Emiliano Sciarra

Emiliano Sciarra was born in Civitavecchia (Italy) in 1971. He is a full-time board game designer thanks to his most successful best-selling game, Bang! (2002), after starting his career as videogame designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He has a deep is interest in Game Studies and History of Games, as shown by […]

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Further Information

Buying tickets

You can buy the tickets right at the entrance, just don’t forget to bring Hungarian Forints in cash with you.

Buying tickets online is only available if you can pay in HUF. Please be aware that if you send from a non-HUF account the extra cost paid to the bank can easily be more than the whole price of the ticket. In that case we recommend buying your tickets on-site. Don’t worry, even in the rare event of the tickets being sold out, we always have tickets set aside for international visitors.

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Accomodations in Budapest

You can find the list of our partner hostels here. These are situated in the “party” district of Budapest, so we run a free shuttle bus between the Convention and these hostels on saturday evening and sunday morning.

You can easily find any kind of accomodation in Budapest from hotels and hostels to airbnb appartments. Prices vary seasonably.

Visiting Hungary for the first time?

We wrote a guide for our international visitors about travelling to Hungary and a few tips on what to do with your spare time – including photoshooting locations and gamer pubs.

Want to be our partner?

If you want to attend MondoCon as a vendor please read our info sheet for vendors.

If you would like to get a press pass contact Edmond Etlinger.

If you represent a convention and are interested in cooperation between our events, please contact Noémi Istenes. Issues related to cosplay events and guests should also be sent to her.

All other partnership requests should be sent to András Márk Szekeres.