The HammerTime Cafe is waiting for you with a real treat: an exciting two-day competition on July 13-14 at MondoCon! The grand prize of the competition is a ‘Golden Ticket,’ which grants entry to the Warhammer World Championship.

About the competition in brief:

  • This competition is a qualifier for Warhammer players, so the first-place winner earns the Golden Ticket, allowing them to participate in the World Championship organized by Games Workshop.
  • In addition to Hungarians, competitors from any country can participate.
  • The competition spans two days, so only those who can attend on both days should come.

Competition rules and participation conditions here.

How can you participate in the competition?

  • For the competition, 30 tables await the 60-person applicant camp (applications are open until June 13th). 
  • If you would like to attend the competition as a spectator, you can do so with a normal MondoCon ticket, which you can purchase here:
  • If you would like to compete, there is an entry fee, which you can purchase along with the MondoCon ticket here: (This ticket provides you with entry to MondoCon, participation in the HammerTim Cup competition, as well as breakfast and lunch during the competition.)

For the latest news about the competition, follow the HammerTime Cup Facebook event.

The HammerTime Cafe will also stream the competition online, with the renowned hungarian YouTuber Paplovag commentating on the events of the first table. Don’t miss out if you love the world of tabletop wargames!