In the Karaoke Competition, you can test your singing skills against each other on stage. Karaoke is one of Japan’s most popular forms of entertainment and relaxation, so the Karaoke Competition is limited to anime openings, endings, video game or animated series’ tracks or other songs by Far-Eastern artists. You can sign up for the contest in advance. The contestants will be divided into beginner and advanced categories based on their performance in the preliminaries’ recordings, and the top three winners of each category will receive a prize. The main thing is a great atmosphere, good music and having fun on stage, as it is customary at karaoke!

Requirements and conditions

a) Registration for the competition is by pre-registration.

During the registration period, you must sign up and choose the song you want to sing. You will also need to upload a recording of the song sung by you. (For this part, a link to the Google Drive folder will be sent to you via e-mail after the organisers will have confirmed your application.) Registration will be open from 1 June (Saturday) to 21 June (Friday). You will be able to register here on the Mondo website.

b) Your song must be by a Japanese or Korean artist, or the opening, ending or insert song of an anime or game of Japanese origin. You can access the list of eligible songs here:

You can only choose a song for the tournament from this list. You will sing a full length song in its original language.

You may NOT choose songs marked LQ, VO, Vocal, TV size, or from the list available on the free karaoke.

You will receive an email from the organisers (either confirming your application or declining it and asking you to choose a different song that fulfils the criteria), so it is very important that you provide a real email address when you register and do not postpone registration until the last day.

c) This competition consists of 2 rounds:

Round 1: Preliminary round. You have to choose a song from the list above and sign up using the link provided. You will then receive an email with information on where and how to upload your recording.

! Your recording should include the instrumental base as well, not only the vocals that you have sung. Upload it in MP3 format and name the file with your civilian name.

After the registration period has closed, based on the jury’s assessment, applicants will be assigned to Beginner or Advanced category. You may change your song until the deadline (by sending a modification request to, but please make sure you upload the audio recording of your chosen song before the deadline.

We will publish the names of those who will be placed in each category by 1 July at the latest. The minimum requirement for launching the competition is 5 applicants, and a maximum of 20 people may participate in the MondoCon rounds.

MondoConos rounds are as follows:

Round 2a: Beginner category. If you are in the Beginner category, this is where you perform your chosen song.

Round 2b: Advanced category. If you are in the Advanced category, this is where you perform your chosen song.

In both categories, the first three runners-up will receive a prize.

 The round will take place in the karaoke room. 

! The starting order is revealed before the competition at the venue. Anyone who does not appear on stage after being called by the presenter will unfortunately be disqualified from the competition.

Candidates may be disqualified for the following reasons:

– choosing a song with no karaoke/instrumental/off vocal version that’s approved by the organisers; (hence the list)

– choosing a non-Far-Eastern song;

– having not uploaded a sound recording by the deadline or having digitally enhanced the recording (this does not apply to basic editing, mixing and volume adjustment, of course).

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any applications made through e-mail or after the deadline.

If you have any questions or would like to request a song, please send an email to 

The AdarnaKo team wishes you a healthy competitive spirit and good luck!