During this program, you can test your knowledge of anime and game music, listening to the best tracks of anime and video games in different renditions (e.g. on piano or guitar, in a different style altogether like metal and so on). In the first half of the program, you will hear about 30 seconds of each song and you have to pick the correct answer out of 4 options. In the second half of the program, there are 3 types of challanges. In „Rapid”, you will hear 1-2 seconds of a song, choose your answer, then after a short pause, the next song will play. In „Connecting”, you will hear 10-12 seconds of 4 songs consecutively and you need to figure out and write down what connects them in another 10 seconds (e.g. all of them are composed by Sawano Hiroyuki). In „S(h)orting”, you will hear 15-20 seconds of the songs, and you have to write their corresponding number (1 to 15) in front of the right answers.

To participate, you will need to be at the karaoke venue when the program starts and ask for a test sheet. We recommend bringing your own pen (black or blue ink). You may play individually or in a team of up to 3 players. The winners will be determined by the points collected through correct answers. Prizes will be awarded to the first three runners-up in groups and to the first runner-up in individuals.