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Just Dance 2021 contest


Do you feel like moving your body? Then you must come visit us at MondoCon! Feel free to dance around or enter the competition and win!

Rules of the contest:

– Categories: Beginner,Advanced ,Pro
– Max Competitor for categories: Beginner: 16, Advanced: 7, Pro: 5
– All competitor need to play a qualification match to be categorized in the categories above.
-After the qualification match the best 26 of the competitors will go to a single elimination tournament and will be separated to 8-15-3 (Beginner-Advanced-Pro) categories. Beginner and Advanced champion will move to the category above them.(Beginner->Advanced,Advanced->Pro).
– The registration is local and you need to provide your full name , nickname and an email address.
– If someone will not appear at the start of his/her match, after 2 minute he/she will be disqualified.
– Every match 2 competitor will play.
– The music selected by random.
– The finals are Best of 5, so you need to win 3 match. 

Tekken 7 contest (PS4)

Another chapter in the blood-soaked history of the Mishima family has came to the consoles and PCs. The tournament will be held again,where life and death the stake and not just the fate of the championship title. You can also participate in this fight as one of the warriors and fight for the best of honor. Are you good enough ? Are you worthy to join the ranks of the Mishima family or you will end up in a bottom of a volcano? You can prove your suitability at the following Mondocon.

Tournament rule

– On-the-spot registration 

– The championship is limited to 32 players ( the number of maximum players can vary based ont he registrations)
– Players must check-in 30 minutes before the championship at the point of registration

The Tournament will be in Double Elimination format.
– Anyone who does not check in is disqualified
– Before the matches, you are notified that you are the next. You have 3 minutes to get ready. If you do not appear on time, you are disqualified.
– The matches will be in Bo3 format and the finals will be in Tournament mode.
– Upon pressing the start button, you are notified about it. After 3 notifications, you are disqualified.
– You can not configure rage arts on a single button. It is prohibited.
– You can use your own PS4 controller, but its not mandatory. Please bring you own USB cable for you controller too.
– For every player, Fair Play is mandatory. Please consider this before registering to the tournament.

Foreign cosplay guest & singer: Shiroku

The Autumn MondoCon 2021 event’s special cosplay guest will be Shiroku from Germany! Besides judging our cosplay competition, she will held a mini concert on Saturday (23rd October) at our main stage. Don’t miss the change to meet her!

Here is a little intro about her:

Shiroku is a singer and Cosplayer from Germany, who performs Anime opening & –endings and original J-Pop Songs. 

She published her first Album through the label “Anime Records” in 2009.

Since then she already published several compilations, 5 long- and 5 shortplayers.

Her greatest achievement is the Single “Bad Apple”. She managed to place it in the Japanese iTunes Dance Charts Top 40.

She was the World Cosplay Representative for Germany in 2016 and placed 4th.

Learn more about her:



★Instagram ★ 





Fotó credits:
~ Infinite = InfiniteDreams photography

Cosplay guest: Livanart Cosplay

“I’m livanart. French cosplay Champion of 2019. I started cosplaying around 2015, after I played Bioshock (my favorite game since then!). My first cosplay was a Big sister. I went to a local Con with it and I’ve been asked to participate in the cosplay contest. I won the second place and that was it. I couldn’t stop. I try to learn new techniques when designing each of my cosplays (electronics / leather / molding / prosthetics). Now, I intend to continue the competition for a while. The cosplay community allowed me to open up to others and express myself through Art. I have met many amazing people through cosplay, and for that, I will always be grateful. My slogan : « Work hard & always aim further than your goal, you never know what might happen.”

Here you can check her works:

Cosplay guest: Don Esteban

About Don Esteban: Don Esteban has been roaming the local and international cosplay scene with his badass cosplay since 2013. In 2018, he won the title of Eurocosplay Champion for Austria with his Witcher cosplay. Detailed work with a variety of materials and being true to the original character design  arehis  strengths, which is why he regularly joins renowned international competitions as a judge. His cosplayer career began as a charity event, so every penny earned with cosplay is still being donated to charity.


Covid Protection Guidelines

Based on our government May 23th decision, there is no issue with having our convention at 17th and 18th July. However, guests can only participate on our convention if they follow the latest regulations regarding to events – defined by the Hungarian government. 

There regulations are the following:

  1. Guests who are over 18 years old, can only attend to the event if they have a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government
  2. Guests between 16-18 years old, can only attend to the event if they have a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government OR if they don’t have a Covid Protection Certificate they should be accompanied by an 18 or older guest who has a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government
  3. Guests who are 0-16 years old, can only enter if they are accompanied by an 18 older guest who has a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government

Please visit our government website to learn which country’s Covid Protection Certificate is accepted by our government on the following link: 

Those Covid Protection Certificates which allows you to enter to Hungary, will be allowed to be used for entering to our event.

Regarding to the regulations on mask wearing, we will announce the rules on the week of our event as these regulations are currently changing in really short time frame. Please, make sure you check our website before you are coming to the event for the latest information.