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Screening at MondoCon

During Summer MondoCon we screen two epic movies. On Saturday (July 27th) you can watch together with us James Cameron’s awesome live-action adaption of the japanese manga-series, Gunnm (Alita: Battle Angel), while on Sunday, we will screen Marvel’s Oscar-winner animation movie, the Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse.

Alita: Battle Angel

Screening: 2019. July 27th, 4pm, Main Stage, English dub & Hungarian subtitles

Among anime fans Alita recieved the same level of cult status and recognition just as other amazing japanese cyberpunk stories, like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Alita is an iconic manga and anime that all fans should see at least once in their lifetime.

Alita originally started off as a manga-series, titled Gunnm. James Cameron learned about the story right before he started filming his Oscar-winner epic drama, Titanic. Actually, he first met with the anime-adaption of the manga. Once he finished the work on Titanic, he researched the original manga and fell in love with it. Thus, that time he decided: he will make a live-action movie based on that! He decided this 20 years ago. And now, the film became a reality.

In the live-action version of Alita, we get to know a cyborg girl, who is found in Iron City’s junkyard by Dr Ido. Dr Ido is a cyber doctor who brings home the girl and fixes her. Once the girl awakens she has no memories of her past. While investigating her origins she learns that she is a weapon from the past, and she needs to face with her bloody past, and at the same time, she also needs to face with her emotions from fury, vengeance and love.

Spiderman – Into the Spider-verse

Screening: 2019. July 28th, 4pm, Main Stage, Hungarian dub

The Spider-verse is like a strong coffee mixed with Red Bull – it’s an action-based animation feature film that can’t let you blink even for a second for 2 whole hours. No wonder it became the first Oscar-winner animation film credited by Marvel.

The story takes place after Peter Parker got defeated by his biggest enemies. Dr Octopus, Sandman, Electro, Kraven and Vulture joined forces to take him down. However, a young kid on Earth got bitten by a genetically modified spider (again). He is Miles Morales, a black and Spanish parents’ kid, who is living an ordinary life, with a peaceful family and with an uncle, who is actually a criminal… But he has more special powers compared to the original Spiderman. He can turn himself invisible to others and can paralyze people by touching them. But he has more powerful enemies, too, the most dangerous among them is Scorpion.

This time Spiderman appears in the form of an animation. Two genius mind worked together to bring it to life – Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Previously, they worked on the Jump Street films, the LEGO movies and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Casual Karaoke

We invite you to our small stage where you can sing your favourite songs. All you need to do is choose a song from the list provided in the karaoke room ( and, sign up at the front counter and wait for your turn to be called up to the stage. We use Karafun as the karaoke engine and have a list of over 4000 songs from anime openings and endings, character songs, Kpop, Jrock, Disney songs, non-Asian (we just refer to them as ‘Western’ songs) and Hungarian pop and rock music. You’ll have a small screen to support you with the lyrics on stage and a friendly audience to enjoy your performance so no need to get nervous, just sing to your heart’s content. Please note that as it’s a “first come first served” program, there might be some waiting time before you can head on to the stage. If you’re unsure how long until you’re next, feel free to ask our staff at the counter. 🙂

For more info, requesting a song or just some friendly chatting, send us an email to or shoot a message on our Facebook page:

Retro Challenge

Time flies, every season there are tons of anime titles rolling out and that of course means lots and lots of brand new openings and endings too. However, there are some songs that have become iconic over the years; we have prepared a list of 15 famous anime songs for you to feast your ears on.

The challenge is to sing all these songs during the Casual karaoke program. Of course you don’t have to sing all 15 just by yourself. Anyone may choose 1 or more songs from the list. You’ll get the number of the song you sang and if all the songs have been sung at least once by the end of the Casual karaoke (so that’s between 10.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. – 4.45 p.m.), the people who have performed the songs will receive presents (in exchange for their number tags) at 4.45 p.m.


1: Azumanga Daiou – Soramimi Cake

2: Berserk – Forces

3: Cowboy Bebop – Sasurai no Cowboy

4: Digimon – Biggest Dreamer

5: Dragon Ball Z – Cha-la Head Cha-la

6: Full Metal Panic – Tomorrow

7: Gintama – Pray

8: Great Teacher Onizuka – Driver’s High

9: Inuyasha – I Want to Change the World

10: Neon Genesis Evangelion – Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze

11: Ouran High School Host Club – Sakura Kiss

12: Sailor Moon – Moonlight Densetsu

13: Slayers – Give a Reason

14: Yu Yu Hakusho – Hohoemi no Bakudan

15: Zero no Tsukaima – First Kiss

Red vs White Sing-Off

Kouhaku Uta Gassen is a popular singing contest in Japan, held annually since 1951 on New Year’s Eve. The invited singers are sorted in to the Red (female) team and the White (male) team, then perform a variety of songs on stage. The winning team is decided based on the judges’ opinions and the votes from the audience.

On 5 January 2019 starting at 12.30 p.m. we are bringing you the great sing-off of Mondocon. You may sign up on the spot between 10.30 a.m. and 12 p.m. by giving your name and the title of the song you wish to sing (anything from these lists, excluding songs marked as “LQ” or “Vocal”).

Everyone interested is welcome!

You may sing alone or in a group of max 3 people. Before the contest starts, 6 performers will be chosen randomly from the applicants (3 in each team, regardless of their gender). After the 6 performances, the audience may vote for the team they found better at the sing-off. Votes are accepted until 4 p.m. for either the Red or the White team, not individual singers.

Be part of either the Red or the White team and come sing your favourite song on the karaoke stage!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or visit our facebook event:





Selfie Achievement Challenge

Do you feel like you are the uncrowned king or queen of selfies? Do you want to try yourself?

Then the Selfie Achievement Challenge was made for you!

Come to the MondoCon Autumn on 20-21st October and prepare your camera! If you want to participate, check regularly because we will publish the list of tasks there, a few days before the event.

The Challenge will be held on both days, you have to show the pictures to one member of the contest crew until 16:00 on Sunday, in the staff room. (Registration hall)

Attention! The selfies have to be made on 20-21st October, or you do not get points for them.

The photos with the #szeretlekmondocon hashtag, shared on any social media interface worth double points!

One of the prizes is a brand new selfie stick! Come, and win!

Selfie Achievement Challenge List

Take a selfie…
~ with someone, who is cosplaying from a 2018 fall season anime
~ with someone, who you cannot see in their cosplay
~ with a cosplayer who is likely to be cold
~ with an alien species
~ with someone with a huge weapon
~ with someone who is taking a selfie
~ with someone who has full face painting
~ with a crossplayer
~ with someone from a TV series
~ with someone from a very popular anime
~ with someone, who can barely fit the door in their huge cosplay
~ with someone, who is cosplaying from a western cartoon
~ with someone, who is the official performer of the wrestling show
~ with Viktor
~ with Enji
~ with the hosts of the Geeks & Craft stage
~ with the Pumpkin King (winner piece of the Pumpkin Craving Contest)
~ with a stuffed animal
~ with a soldier/commando
~ with a portrait artist of the Con
~ with a superhero
~ with a cosplayer in black and white costume
~ with a cosplayer from a movie
~ with someone with cat ears
~ with two people, cosplaying the same character
~ with a photographer
~ with a craftsman
~ with a video game character
~ with a very young cosplayer
~ with a foreign guest
~ with a furry
~ with a wizard/witch
~ with an archer
~ with a lolita
~ on a DDR

Don’t forget: the submission deadline is Sunday (October 21 st ) 16:00 o’clock, in the staff
room! Sharing the pictures on social media with the hashtag #szeretlekmondocon worth
double points!

Pumpkin craving

Autumn is here again, so we brought our seasonal Pumpkin Craving Contest!

If you’ve ever watched enviously the popular Halloween programs in foreign places, and wanted to try this amusing, creative and moderately aggressive activity, here is your chance!

Draw your blades and ideas and get ready to fight a pumpkin! Don’t hesitate, crave to be a king, and win!

MondoCon Autumn, 20st of October, Saturday, 14:00-15:30, Workshop

Japanese All Girl Band on the Main Stage of MondoCon Autumn 2018! 

Welcome, LAZYgunsBRISKY, an all-girl band from Tokyo! They are coming from Japan to the stage of MondoCon to give a live performance! Their main style is classical hardrock with some punk and garage rock elements. They were inspired by the biggest musicians of the 1960’s and 1970’s, like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. This is the third time that they visit Europe. A few years ago they have also performed at Japan Expo.

This year they visit Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria.

If you want to feel the bass pounding in your chest then come to MondoCon on 20th October!

Date: 2018. October 20. 19:30-21:00

Promo video:

3rd Hungarian Quidditch Cup

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We gladly announce the return of the Hungarian Quidditch Cup @ MondoCon 2018 Summer, 14 July (Saturday), starting at 1 p.m at ConArena. Of course it’s Muggle-style for we haven’t any flying broomsticks – yet.
The number of matches played will be determined by how many teams have signed up, so don’t be shy, just apply!
If you want to participate and you’re a team of exactly seven, like the Weasley kids, then don’t hesitate, send an e-mail to with the subject ‘2018 Summer Quidditch’.
Attention! We are looking for teams of 7. If you have the will to play but are short of team members, why not try recruiting some people on our Facebook page:

We accept applications until midnight 12 July. You will recieve a confirmation e-mail with more details after signing up.

Get on your brooms!

Chopstick Handling Contest

Are chopsticks your everything? Do you collect unique sets? Do you eat your fries and pancakes with chopsticks as well? Do you believe your skill to know no boundaries?

We are going to try our hardest to test your limits! Come and have a taste of our Chopstick Handling Contest where you must play chess & dominoes, sort pastas, recite “yellow Pikachu, brown Pikachu” and run with some tic-tacs for glory!

We welcome everyone wishing to show their prowess to an enthusiastic audience at MondoCon, 11 a.m. Saturday (14 July) at the Small Stage. (Participants can sign up on the spot.)

Don’t miss out on the surprise prizes and unlimited fun!

Just Dance 2019 contest


Do you feel like moving your body? Then you must come visit us at MondoCon! Feel free to dance around or enter the competition and win!

Rules of the contest:

  • There are 3 grades for the dancers: Beginner, Intermediate and Pro.
  • The following number of contestants can participate in each grade: Beginner – 8, Intermediate – 15, Pro – 3.
  • Those who sign up are required to do a qualifying round so they can be put in the appropriate grade based on their performance.
  • The top 26 dancers from the qualifying round will move on to the contest, from where they can advance to the next round by a direct elimination system.
  • The winner of the Beginner and Intermediate will then go up against the opponents of the next grade (so the Beginner grade’s winner may have a showdown on Intermediate level and the Intermediate’s champion on Pro level).
  • Contestants can sign up on the spot with their full name, nickname and e-mail address.
  • Those who are not present at the beginning of the contest or when they are called upon to dance, will have 2 mins to show up – if they don’t, they are automatically disqualified.
  • Every match is 1v1, and the winner is whoever gets 3 wins first (BO5).
  • The music track is chosen randomly.