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Special guest of honour: Brian Muir sculptor

At Spring MondoCon 2022 meet with a living legend! Brian Muir is not an actor, but an amazing sculptor. He didn’t give his face for famous movie franchises – instead, he created amazing works for many iconic sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies. His most famous work is creating the helmet of Darth Vader for Star Wars, of course, besides this iconic evil force, he was responsible to bring to life the stormtroopers’ helmets, and several androids and aliens as well.

Besides Star Wars, he worked on the famous Alien (1979) movie. He built up in this ground-breaking sci-fi film the Space Jockey – with a giantic throne within the alien spaceship. His third most famous work includes creating the Lost Ark itself from Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark.

He is an active sculptor since the 1970s in the movie industry, and creating amazing artworks till today. His recent works were presented in Harry Potter films, James Bond movies and in Tomb Raider – in which Angelina Jolie acted as the heroine. Of course, the MCU universe couldn’t skip him, in the Thor movies he created the throne room in Asgard.

Would you like to meet in person with Brian Muir? Would you like to get his autogram or create a selfie with him? Then visit Spring MondoCon 2022! On top of it, he will have panels of both days in English. 

Special guest of honour: Kevin McNally

He couldn’t attend Summer MondoCon 2020, but the time has come now! Kevin McNally will be a special guest of honour at Spring MondoCon 2022! The actor, who is best known as Mr. Gibbs from the famous film franchise, the Pirates of the Caribbean. Meet him at March 19-20 (Budapest-HungExpo).

We will release soon the details on how you can get a joint picture of him and when he will held an autogramm session! Stay tuned for more details.

Read more about his film and TV-Show career here:

Japanese guest: KOHEI

Who is KOHEI? The musician and songwriter was born in Mishima in Japan. After actively singing and performing in a band in Tokyo for 7 years, he started his solo career in 2018. Since then he has released several singles, a mini album and his first full album “No Regret”. The album features his popular songs like “No Regret”, “Summer Love”, or “To Face Myself”, which all originate from personal experiences. He plays on an acoustic guitar, and creates touching romantic melodies, accompanied by his beautiful voice.

If you would like to listen to his own music and read his lyrics, go to this link: or

In 2019 he moved to Switzerland and is now touring Europe with his memorable performances. He has successfully performed at festivals like Aki no Matsuri in Switzerland, or Anime Festival Freiburg in Germany.

If you would like to greet him in person and listen to his wonderful songs, visit MondoCon on 19th March 2022. He will have a 1 hour long live performance from and be available for signatures at his merchandise stand before and after.

Covid Protection Guidelines

Based on our government May 23th decision, there is no issue with having our convention at 17th and 18th July. However, guests can only participate on our convention if they follow the latest regulations regarding to events – defined by the Hungarian government. 

There regulations are the following:

  1. Guests who are over 18 years old, can only attend to the event if they have a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government
  2. Guests between 16-18 years old, can only attend to the event if they have a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government OR if they don’t have a Covid Protection Certificate they should be accompanied by an 18 or older guest who has a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government
  3. Guests who are 0-16 years old, can only enter if they are accompanied by an 18 older guest who has a Covid Protection Certificate, accepted by the Hungarian government

Please visit our government website to learn which country’s Covid Protection Certificate is accepted by our government on the following link: 

Those Covid Protection Certificates which allows you to enter to Hungary, will be allowed to be used for entering to our event.

Regarding to the regulations on mask wearing, we will announce the rules on the week of our event as these regulations are currently changing in really short time frame. Please, make sure you check our website before you are coming to the event for the latest information.